Top 5 Things Donation Worthy Things This Spring

Spring is a time of new beginnings, and that includes a clean start for your home. If you haven’t already taken time to take inventory of your belongings and determined what to keep and what to throw out, there is no time like the present. One great thing you can do with your unwanted belongings is donate them to charity. Donations help people get items they normally could not get on their own, and gives the items in question prolonged usefulness before they are tossed out for good. Your Orlando junk removal experts, Junk Angel, can take these things to the appropriate place for you.

Here is a list of the best items you can donate:

  • Computers – although most of us only switch computers when we think the old one isn’t suitable for use anymore, the old computer can still work to benefit someone else. Places like Best Buy and Goodwill will take in computers to be recycled and reused, while accessories like keyboards can simply be donated to places like Goodwill.
  • Cells phones – whenever you upgrade your cell phone to the next model, you should donate your old one. Just like computers, Best Buy and Goodwill will take in old cell phones to be recycled and kept out of landfills.
  • Books – books tend to sit on our shelves for a long time after we are done reading them. If you don’t intend to go back to some of your books donate them to free up space on your shelves.
  • Clothing – lightly used clothing is always welcome at charities. Take time to look through your closet and drawers to find clothing you aren’t going to wear anymore and free up some space.
  • Housewares – Old or even unused household appliances can easily be passed on to someone who needs it. Maybe you bought a blender you saw on TV but never actually used it. Now is the perfect time to donate it to charity.

When you are done sorting through all of the items in your house and are ready to get rid of them, call the Orlando junk removal professionals at Junk Angel to help at 1-888-80ANGEL. We will take the items you would like to donate to the nearest appropriate facility, and take the rest to the proper disposal location.

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