Turn Your Attic Into a Living Space

pexels-photo-271743While it’s possible to add living space by building an addition, remodeling projects are notoriously expensive. However, turning your attic into a new bedroom or office can both make your house feel more spacious and save you money in the long-run. Before you call your Orlando junk removal team to haul away the boxes in your attic, you’ll need to plan out your project. Here’s how to successfully transform your cluttered attic storage area into a comfortable and spacious living area.

Sketch Out Your Space

Before you can start finishing your attic, you need to make a plan for how you want to use the space. Look at your home’s blueprints for the dimensions of the attic, and roughly sketch out and plan your attic renovation. Decide what furniture you’ll move, where it needs to be placed, and what upgrades you want to make to the room. Once you have a rough plan, you’ll be prepared to speak with a home renovation contractor about finishing the attic.

Find a Professional

If you already have a finished attic, turning it into a living space is as simple as painting the walls and moving furniture up the stairs. However, if the space is not finished, you’ll want to work with a professional home remodeling contractor to make sure the space is up to code and that the room will stay comfortable during extreme weather. Though DIY renovations may seem like a great idea, the time you’ll spend finishing the space and the price you’ll pay on materials at the local hardware store can make the renovation far more costly than it should be. Working with a professional will spare you the headache of construction, while also ensuring that the attic is finished to the same standards as the rest of your home.

Contact a Junk Removal Expert

Before any work can be done, the attic needs to be cleared of boxes, debris, and unwanted items. Go through the boxes stored in your attic and separate items you want to keep from those that are ready to be gotten rid of. Once done, move the boxes you want to keep to another room of the house and give away, sell, or donate the useable items left in the space. For boxes of damaged items or old furniture that can’t be donated, let your Orlando junk removal team haul it away.

Ready to get started on your renovation? Schedule a junk removal appointment with Junk Angels and let our team haul away your unwanted stuff!

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