Types of Christmas Junk We Can Remove

The Christmas season is upon us and with it comes the addition of new appliances and decorations to brighten the room. We prepare for festivities with friends and family that really bring the warmth of the holiday together in our homes. The preparation of these festivities with decorations and new appliances comes at a slight cost: the need to remove old appliances and temporary decorations when they are no longer needed.

Most people will can and carry small decorations to the curb for the local waste management and be done with them. However, certain appliances and larger decorations will be ignored by local trash collection and need to be taken care of by the homeowner. Here is a breakdown of common items that will not be picked up by most trash removal services:


Christmas trees – fun to have around for a little over a month but need to be thrown out eventually. Trash removal companies will have special exceptions after Christmas to pick up the trees, but if they are too big to be lifted quickly by a single person, then they are simply left behind on trash day.


Large boxes and decor – just like the tree, the size of certain boxes, containers and decorations leftover from holiday festivities may be excluded from normal pickup.


Old appliances and furniture – unlike Christmas trees, there is no special exception for the usual appliances and furniture pieces that are not normally picked up by local trash disposal services. This includes refrigerators, sofas, washers, dryers and mattresses.

If you have junk that will not be picked up by your local waste-management service provider, then call the professionals at Junk Angel. We will take the hassle out of taking each item to the proper disposal facility. If you live in the Orlando area call us today to receive a free quote on your junk removal needs.

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