Types of Clutter

Sometimes it can be hard to stay organized in your home because of all the clutter that has slowly piled up over time. Clutter comes from items we no longer use, items we held onto to be used for later but never did, items we hold onto for the sake of holding onto them, and items that amount to nothing more than trash collecting in our homes. Recognizing the different types of clutter is an important step in the organization process. By knowing the type of clutter you’re dealing with, it could significantly improve the process of organizing which items will be kept and which will be reserved for an Orlando junk removal company.


Here is a simple breakdown of the different types of clutter you will find in your home:


  • “Hopeful” Clutter: These are the items that sit around the house waiting to be used, yet they’re often ignored and never used. Maybe you thought that fancy blender or coffee maker on the television looked like a smart buy, but now it simply sits around, collecting dust. Based on an item’s frequency of use, you should be able to decide whether it’s time to sell it. Selling these items will clear up a lot of space in your home.
  • Sentimental Clutter: Some old toys or trophies from your childhood are nice keepsakes, but there comes a point where they become a significant inconvenience. Either store them away, trash them, or sell them to make room for more important things in your home.
  • Unused Gifts: Let’s face it, friends are wonderful, but their gifts may not always be as useful or worth keeping as we hoped they would be. Just because your best friend bought you that DVD set of CSI: Miami, you don’t have to hold onto it for their sake. Don’t let guilt trick you into holding onto unused and unwanted items.
  • Memorial Clutter: These are items that hold special memories but don’t have any practical purpose anymore. These can include old mementos from loved ones or something you held onto from a special event in your life. While these are nice it is good to realize that your memories of these loved ones and events will still be there even if these mementos are not with you.


Don’t attach yourself to unimportant clutter. Clutter, no matter how sentimental of hopeful, is still clutter. If you need help hauling away your junk, call the professionals at Junk Angel. We’ll make the Orlando junk removal process stress-free and easy. Share this post and let us know what kind of clutter you have the most of.


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