Types of Items Junk Angel Can Remove

With summer just around the corner, Americans are getting ready to enjoy their favorite summer activities. Cookouts, beach trips, and pool parties are just some of the festivities people enjoy doing when the heat is turned up. However, it’s hard to enjoy these activities when your house and yard are cluttered with junk, especially after you’ve finished Spring cleaning. That’s where Junk Angel comes in. We have the equipment and experience to easily and safely haul junk in Orlando so you don’t have to worry about it.


There are certain types of jobs that many people don’t often consider when it comes to junk removal. Luckily for them, Junk Angel does:


  • Remove that torn, rusted, spring-loaded spike pit of a death trap. Has your trampoline lost its bounce? When you need to make room for the grill, or summer games leave it to Junk Angel. We can come and remove that old, rusty eyesore from almost any yard.
  • What was once the center of attention, is now an unattractive, and unused plastic monument.  While fun for little kids, play sets and swing sets are abandoned once the kids grow out of them. We can remove them so you can make room for something your whole family can enjoy, like a pool!
  • Out with the old, in with the new–switching out appliances. If you have purchased a new appliance from a company that doesn’t take back the old one, Junk Angel can haul junk in Orlando and take the old appliance away for you.
  • Save your back, don’t move your old bed alone. If you thought your back hurt from sleeping on your old bed, just think how it’ll feel when you move it out to the curb. Beds are large and have multiple components that are a hassle to disassemble and haul away. Junk Angel can easily come to your home and remove all the parts from beds of any size.


Once the job is done, not only does Junk Angel know where to properly dispose of your unwanted waste, but we can also take your junk to the nearest donation facility if it can be reused by someone who needs it. If you have a mess on your hands (or in your home), and need to haul junk in Orlando, give the junk removal experts at Junk Angel a call today.


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