What Kind of a Collector Are You?

pexels-photoThe way you organize your home, spend money, and collect things says a lot about you. Take this quiz to determine where you stand on the collector spectrum.

How clean is your home?

  1. It’s neat as a pin, I can’t stand clutter.
  2. It’s fairly organized. There are several piles I don’t know how to handle.
  3. My home is a disaster – I’m embarrassed to invite people over and try to avoid it.

How often do you buy something you don’t need, but you want?

  1. Once in a while, I’ll treat myself to something special.
  2. About once or twice a month.
  3. Almost every day.

How often do you wear the clothing in your closet?

  1. I rotate clothes, so I wear everything at least once every few weeks. I only keep what I actually wear.
  2. I have clothes I’m saving for special occasions and some that don’t fit.
  3. I have clothes I haven’t worn since high school, but I can’t get rid of them.

How often do you go over budget when grocery shopping?

  1. Never. I stick to a very strict budget and know where every penny goes.
  2. I occasionally go over budget when there’s something I want to try.
  3. I’ve never been able to stick to a budget.

When did you last organize your house and throw out or give away unused items?

  1. I frequently recycle old paperwork, donate unwanted clothing, and discard junk.
  2. I organize my house once or twice a year.
  3. The thought of organizing my house is overwhelming.

How often do you visit antique stores, consignment shops, and thrift stores?

  1. Once every few months to try and find a low-cost version of something I need.
  2. Every few weeks to see what’s new and exciting.
  3. Almost daily. I don’t want to miss something terrific.

How many collections do you have?

  1. None or one.
  2. I have several collections.
  3. I collect everything; you never know what might become valuable.


Mostly 1s: You’re a careful organizer. Your belongings aren’t your top priority, and you generally don’t buy something unless you absolutely need it, especially if you already own something similar and don’t have space. You don’t collect much, if anything at all.

Mostly 2s: You tend to shop unnecessarily, purchasing and keeping things you don’t need. You hate passing up bargains. Refine your habits with this simple tip: take pictures of items you want to buy, then leave. If the picture makes you want to buy those items a couple of days later, go ahead. Chances are good you won’t.

Mostly 3s: You aren’t organized and have a hard time trying to be because of all your things. Spending hard-earned money on things just because they’re affordable is a dangerous habit. Seek out a trustworthy accountability partner who can hold you responsible for your budget and organization.

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