What to Do if Renters Leave Their Junk

If you rent out property, this has likely happened to you: A former tenant has moved out, leaving all of their junk and garbage for you to deal with and stopping you from quickly renting out the space again. What exactly can you do about it?  Junk Angel can help you with all of your Maitland junk removal and get your place ready to be rented once again. Here’s how:

  • Ensure That the Property is Abandoned: In order to protect yourself from further hassle, make sure that you, as a landlord, have a right to this property. Leasing contracts can end for a variety of reasons, but for the majority of contracts, an abandoned property clause should have been included which allows you to claim the abandoned property and dispose of it as you may.
  • Notify the Tenant: If there was no such clause, you must notify the former tenant by letter and provide a location to store the property. At this point, it would be wise to contact an attorney before proceeding.
  • Document Everything: You should take pictures of all of the junk you find, even if it is clearly garbage, so that you have proof of what was abandoned in the dwelling.
  • It Needs to Go Away: You are now free to remove the property. Maitland junk removal is easy and pain-free when you bring in the help from Junk Angel for your Maitland junk removal. We will come same-day and pick up and dispose of your junk for you, allowing you to place your property back on the market.

Although it may seem like a complicated and arduous process at first, following these steps will help you get to the place you need to be, which is back on the market. Hire Junk Angel’s services for Maitland junk removal to help you get there quickly, reliably, and effortlessly. Call us at (888) 80-ANGEL or you can contact us online.

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