Yard Organization Tips for Fall

It’s that time of year again, temperatures are dropping and the leaves are starting to change colors. Florida weather may not change as much as it does in the northern states, but there are still some changes that we should prepare our yards for this fall season. As the cold creeps in, you need to take into account the tools and plants in your yard that will need special care. To help you get prepared for the cold, check out these tips to help relieve some of the stresses of the changing season:


  • Prepare some storage space. Clear out enough room in your attic or garage for pool supplies and outdoor furniture that will not be used during the colder months. Proper storage will increase the longevity of your items. If you don’t have enough storage space in your home consider investing in a storage shed or storage unit.
  • Clean items before storing them. If you don’t take time to clean your items before you store them away for a long time, they will collect additional mold and grime, making it harder to clean later.
  • Take care of the leaves. Leaves will slowly start to fall on your home and your yard as the season progresses. Remove them from your gutters and yard on a regular basis to make sure they do not build up to unmanageable levels. If you’re unsure how often you should complete this chore, try removing the leaves once or twice each week. If you have a particularly large tree, or grouping of trees, you may have to adjust the frequency with which you clean your yard.
  • Protect your plants. Watch the weather reports for extreme temperature drops or freezing conditions. When you know there is one coming, make sure to cover your plants with a protective blanket to prevent them from dying.


There’s a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months, make sure you take care of some of the work now to enjoy the festivities later. If you need junk and debris removed from your home after the cleaning is finished, hire the professionals at Junk Angel. Contact us today to receive a free quote for your yard waste removal in Orlando.


How do you organize and clean your yard for the fall season? Share your tips and tricks with us and we’ll share them with our followers.


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