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Orlando, Florida

Junk Removal Orlando Florida Services

Junk Angel is a local family owned and operated business that provides affordable Orlando junk removal and disposal services for both residential areas and commercial businesses. From furniture to appliances to yard waste, we get your junk removed straight from your home or office on your schedule, without the need to drag it all to the curb. You won’t even have to help carry or move any trash, debris, or furniture; just point to the junk that you want out of the way and we will haul it to our junk dumpsters.

Our company is licensed and insured, providing superior and courteous customer service guaranteed. We serve the Orlando area for any type of junk removal big or small so you can de-clutter your home without going through the hassle alone.



Why Choose Us?

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Trusted, Local Junk Hauling and Debris Removal In Orlando

Hauling Services Orlando

Hauling services in Orlando offer transportation and removal of large items and waste materials, commonly used by homeowners, construction companies, and businesses. These services can include junk removal, dumpster rental, hauling of construction materials, and equipment transportation. When choosing a hauling service in Orlando, it’s important to consider pricing, availability, reputation, and licensing/insurance. Overall, hauling services provide a convenient and efficient solution for maintaining a clean and safe environment.

Why Choose Us For Orlando Junk Removal?

There are other competitors around, but our family owned and operated business will remove everything straight from your home or office space. That way, you don’t have to use up time bringing it outside. Leave the heavy lifting to us, and we will bring your junk to our dumpsters to make your life easier.

Trustworthy Junk Removal Services

We are certified and experienced in yard waste removal. Our removal service follows all state and local regulations to ensure proper disposal of the junk we remove. We also have insurance so you don’t have to worry about anything. Just sit back, relax, and trust us to take care of everything for you. At Junk Angel, you will have access to construction and demolition waste removal, appliance and furniture removal, hot tub removal, and dumpster rental services. Our past jobs speak for themselves. We always leave our customers satisfied and strive to offer the best and most professional services possible.


Junk removal should be an environmentally-friendly process. To protect our air, land, and water, the state’s lead agency for environmental management and stewardship (The Florida Department for Environmental Protection) conducts surveys and practices that keep Florida eco-friendly. Therefore, at Junk Angel, we practice safe junk disposal which reduces the effect of large garbage on the environment, thus enhancing waste management.

No job is too small or too large for us. We have the equipment and resources necessary to complete all kinds of jobs, even jobs with a tremendous amount to clean. It doesn’t matter what type of junk you have or how much of it — we can handle anything! So don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote, no matter what your situation might be.


As a family-owned and locally owned business, you can expect to be treated with the friendliness and respect you deserve. We will respond to your quote requests in a timely manner with a free estimate. We also guarantee the lowest prices for junk removal Orlando has to offer, but remember: we remove more than just junk. Call us for appliance removal, hauling services, or just to grab unwanted items too, since we offer full service junk removal in Orlando.

Junk Removal Orlando

Fast, eco-friendly junk removal and dumpster rental throughout the Orlando area

Kyle Repp

Meet the Owner

Junk Angel Orlando is delighted to provide local residents with the best quality and service in the junk removal industry. Owner, Kyle Repp, is a native of the area who enjoys the beautiful shores and scenery Florida has to offer. Which is why he is dedicated to providing an environmentally friendly solution to a common problem – the accumulation of junk. For 15 years, Kyle has worked to keep Orlando clean. Kyle consistently motivates his team to follow Junk Angle’s customer service standard in order to provide superior service, and effort.

Our homes’ and workplaces’ unwanted clutter can take many different forms. It might be old furniture that is gathering dust in your cellar. Or possibly a ton of cardboard that was left over from your most recent relocation. No matter how large or small the task, Junk Angel Orlando is here to help you restore order to your home or place of business. In their Big Branded trucks, our team of hauling experts arrive at your location prepared to complete the job quickly. They stay until you are completely pleased with our junk removal service before they depart.

Are you looking for a trusted junk pickup service in the Orlando area? Junk Angels’s staff does the junk hauling for you. We operate locally in the orlando area, and we can be at your home or business within minutes! We’re also green: we recycle up to 60% of everything we collect to keep landfills down and communities clean.

Orlando, Florida

Choose the best Junk Removal Company in Orlando

Finding Orlando junk removal can be tedious. The internet is filled with advertisements for junk removal companies, and a lot of them may seem comparable.

There are other competitors around, but our family owned and operated business will remove everything straight from your home. That way, you don’t have to waste time bringing it outside. Leave the work to us, and we will bring your junk to our dumpsters thanks to our hauling service. Really, you only need to watch your junk disappear.

Here are five reasons why you should choose us

Guaranteed Lowest Prices

Oftentimes, people are overcharged for their junk removal. We are here to offer you the most competitive rates around Orlando FL. Save some time and feel at ease knowing that Junk Angel will beat any price by 20%

As a local and family owned business we don’t have the expenses that national companies do. We pass those savings on to our customers

Fast Service

Requesting a quote means getting an answer in a timely manner. Your service is important to us, and we are committed to providing you with fast service from start to finish. When you request a quote, our team will act fast and ensure you are with a response as soon as possible. We will provide our service faster than the competition!

Oh, and remember: you only need to book online to get your appointment ready.

No Job Too Large or Too Small

We can move whatever junk you need gone. Appliances, furniture, storage bins, etc. Whatever you have we can handle with one of our many services here in Orlando Florida.

Family and Veteran Owned and Operated

We understand the meaning of hard work and commitment. Junk Angel is family owned and operated, allowing us to provide the best service. Junk Angel is owned by a proud veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Licensed & Insured

We are happy to show you our licenses and up to date insurance information so you know you are in great hands. We are committed to transparency when providing service for junk removal Orlando, FL. Just ask us when we arrive for your quote.

Wastemanagement or Junk Removal?

When it comes to disposing of unwanted items in Orlando, two options often come to mind: waste management and junk removal services. While waste management may seem like the more traditional option, Orlando junk removal services offer several advantages that make them a better choice.

Waste management in Orlando typically involves placing trash and other waste items into a designated bin or container that is collected by the local government or waste management company on a scheduled basis. While this may work for smaller items, such as food waste and household trash, it can become cumbersome when dealing with larger items, such as old furniture, appliances, or construction debris in Orlando.

Junk removal services in Orlando, on the other hand, offer a more comprehensive solution to disposing of unwanted items. These services are specifically designed to remove large, bulky, or heavy items that may not fit into standard waste containers. Orlando junk removal services will come directly to your home or business, load the items onto a truck, and dispose of them properly, ensuring that they are recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

One of the biggest advantages of junk removal services in Orlando is the convenience they offer. Rather than having to haul heavy items to a designated waste collection area, junk removal services in Orlando will come to your location and take care of everything for you. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of injury or damage to your property.

Another advantage of junk removal services in Orlando is their ability to recycle or donate items that are still in good condition. This not only reduces waste but also benefits the community by providing usable items to those in need.

In conclusion, while waste management may work for smaller items, junk removal services in Orlando offer a more comprehensive and convenient solution for disposing of larger or heavier items. By choosing a reputable junk removal service in Orlando, you can rest assured that your unwanted items will be disposed of properly and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dumpsters are offloaded to a landfill directly so there things forbidden to be disposed of this way: chemicals, paints, pesticides, flammables, liquids, electronics, tires, appliances, and other such items are forbidden in dumpsters. This is because we try our best to keep our planet clean.

As an environmentally responsible company, Junk Angel recommends you call charities first to see if they will accept any of your goods. Then call us and our junk removal service will help.

Junk Angel is not a collector. We are a disposal service, which means that we do not keep your unwanted items.  We dispose of junk depending on local regulations.  Not all junk goes to the same location because some things like electronics cannot be just dumped in a landfill. Know that we do recycle items that require recycling too.

Often we have debris that are too large or heavy to dispose of ourselves. Also, many municipal trash haulers will not dispose of certain items that aren’t garbage.  Junk removal companies such as Junkangel exist to provide this essential junk removal service from any space or property and with pricing that is made to work for you.

Learn more about how to get rid of large garbage >

Most junk removal companies charge by volume so cost is determined by how much stuff there is in a given location. It does not make a difference whether it is a residential or professional location, but rather, how much space there is there at the property. Regardless of the price though, rest assured that our services will be efficient.

Most old furniture is taken to landfill and disposed of according to regulations. Let us handle the loading into our truck from your office or home.

A license is not required to haul junk in Florida unless you deal with hazmat. While our services do cover a lot, we do not handle hauling hazmat materials, but we can help you with finding someone else in FL to help.

Often we have items that too large or heavy to dispose of ourselves. Also, many municipal trash haulers will not dispose of certain items that aren’t garbage.  Removal companies such as Junkangel exist to provide this essential service.

Just give us a call to learn more about our pricing for your property, as well as how we can fit into your schedule at home or at the office with our junk removal services.

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