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Junk Removal Orlando

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Junk Removal Orlando

Our Story

Founded by a Central Florida native, we have been in business since early 2003 as the first full service, professional Orlando junk removal company in Florida. Our founder started this business as way to escape the corporate world and return to his Florida roots to care for his ailing parents.

Our company almost never happened when, six weeks after opening the business in early 2003 (under a different name), the founder was ordered to Iraq with his Army Reserve Medical unit for “6 months” which turned into 18.

We are so excited to be able to provide outstanding Orlando junk removal service to our customers at much lower prices than our national franchise competitors. We pride ourselves on our motto:

Prompt – Friendly – Professional

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Kyle Repp

Our Founder

Kyle has extensive corporate experience leading customer oriented, manufacturing organizations, concluding his corporate career as Director of Global Operations for a large company in Chicago.  He was also a career Army Reservist serving for 23 years during which he served in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  He was born and raised in Florida and has lived, worked and traveled extensively in Europe and Asia.  He is also the proud father of three wonderful children of which he is extremely proud.

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