What Are the Keys to Effective Demolition Debris Removal?

When you are handling demo and construction work, it is inevitable you will create a lot of debris and junk. This means you will need to remove it from the job site effectively. You may even need to remove it quickly so you can clear up space on your working site. With that being said, here are some tips you should know about removing demolition debris before you tackle your next job.

Factor in Convenience

When you want to focus on debris removal, it needs to be convenient. Typically, your crew spends a significant amount of time clearing, loading, and hauling debris for the job. As a result, you probably spend most of your time already on demolition, so you will want to make removal as convenient as possible.

Consider Health and Safety

When you have debris removal, there is the potential for it to be hazardous. Demolition work is often simple but could be dangerous. Your team may get cuts, strains, or sprains as a result of clearing junk. The material that you are demoing could also be hazardous and must be handled carefully. Your team may need training before handling and dealing with certain materials.


When you are focused on debris removal, the cost is a factor. The time spent demoing, in addition to the salary of the demo crew, can add up fast. You can decide if you want your own team to work on the demo or if you want to hire a crew to handle it. You will have to balance the cost of paying for someone else to remove it and the amount of time it takes. If it would take your own crew twice as long, it might be worth it to hire an outside group. You will want to consider how much debris needs to be removed. Some demo projects can create a significant amount of debris that could potentially set you back on your time. According to the EPA, in 2018, the US generated an estimated 600 million tons of construction and demolition debris.

Some businesses opt to move extra furniture, equipment, or items that really should be part of debris removal from one of their locations to another. Sometimes items end up showing up at job sites and must be removed. Instead of leaving the debris at the job site and in the way, you should consider having it removed.

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