Can I Take My Trash to the Landfill In Orlando, FL?

Junk Removal in OrlandoWhen it comes to cleaning out your house, garage, or backyard shed, there’s likely to be a lot of trash and debris left behind. All that mess has to be cleaned up and properly disposed of, otherwise you may find yourself facing fines from the county or your HOA. For junk removal in Orlando, you have two main options: haul the waste to the landfill yourself or rent a dumpster from a junk removal team and let them haul it away. While going to the landfill is certainly an option, there are a number of reasons to let an experienced professional move the junk for you.

There’s Only So Much Your Truck Can Haul

If you plan on handling your own junk removal, all that waste has to be loaded up into your car or truck and driven to the landfill. If it’s a big cleanup operation at your property, that will mean multiple trips to the landfill over several days’ time. When you let the team at Junk Angel haul the load for you, you’ll avoid all those repeat trips and save time, gas, and wear and tear on your car.

Landfills Charge By Weight

If you’re dealing with a large project and have a lot of heavy junk on hand, you’re in for a painful experience at the landfill. Most landfills charge for dumping, but they do so by weight. This means that the heavier your items are and the more items you have, the more expensive the trip will be. When you rent a dumpster and let a professional haul it to the dump, you’ll only have to pay for the cost of the rental — there’s no additional charge for weight. Trusting a dumpster rental team will save you money in the long run.

Allows You to Move at Your Own Pace

Landfills are only open for certain hours of the day, making it difficult to coordinate trips to the dump with your busy schedule. This can extend the length of time a project takes. With a dumpster rental, junk removal in Orlando is simple. Once it’s delivered, you can deposit junk in the receptacle at any time of day or night! Start cleaning up after work or finish redoing the garage after when it cools down. Either way, the dumpster will be waiting for you, and you’ll be rid of all the clutter waste causes.

Ready to get rid of your junk? Contact Junk Angel today and let our team deliver a dumpster right to your home.

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