This Old Table

Howdy! My name is Oakley Matthew David Bishop. I know… kinda a long name for a coffee table. It was my family that named me — specifically their youngest child, who was three at the time. He named everything, and I got my name as soon as my family brought me home.

I caught their eye in the store with my polished oak top and large rectangular surface. It’s the perfect size for both board games and card games. Since I’m short, they decided I was the perfect fit. The five of them could comfortably sit around me, either on the couch or the floor. The kids especially enjoyed gathering around me and watching TV while having pizza night with their parents. The tradition continued even as we moved three different times to three different states. I saw a lot of games, homework, and countless Lego kits. My polished surface even earned a few crayon stains and scratches from the fun.

After a few years, my owners decided I was looking a little too scuffed to be the centerpiece of the living room, so I grabbed a few years of peace and quiet in storage. My family still loved me and knew I’d be useful again, so they kept me covered and protected.

When the oldest boy went to college, I went with him. I became the king of footrests, saw countless late study nights, and even watched as my owner fell in love. Eventually, he decided to move into her apartment, and I went back to my family’s house to wait for the next family member to need me.

When the youngest finally moved out of his parent’s home and into his own apartment, I was happy to go with him. I loved being useful again, but we both knew that the coffee rings and scratches made me less appealing than I used to be. He decided to sand away the damage and gave me a coat of sharp black paint — I was modern, sleek, and ready to get back to work. When people came over, they all asked where they could get a table like me. He’d tell them that he had no idea. He’d grown up with me.

As the years passed, my owner started to come home from work later and later. My hardwood surface just wasn’t comfortable enough for propping his feet up after long hours at work. I felt bad and wanted him to find a replacement. When he brought home a large ottoman, I was ecstatic. The truth is, I was tired and my joints were starting to creak after 28 years of use. When he called the Orlando junk removal team to take me to the junkyard, I was happy. Now, I get to rest, enjoy the sun, and know that my family is being taken care of.

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