How to Clean: The Laundry Room

No matter how frequently you clean your house, there will always be rooms that just get dirty. However, even the less-used rooms can benefit from the occasional deep clean. For most homeowners, the laundry room not only falls by the wayside in their regular cleaning routine — it also can be tough to clean in … Read more

This Old Table

junk angel an orlando junk removal company

Howdy! My name is Oakley Matthew David Bishop. I know… kinda a long name for a coffee table. It was my family that named me — specifically their youngest child, who was three at the time. He named everything, and I got my name as soon as my family brought me home. I caught their … Read more

Washer and Dryer Removal Orlando

Moving household appliances around is frustrating and physically straining, especially when it comes to the larger appliances like the washer and dryer. We know these appliances don’t last forever and will have to be replaced eventually. When you do need it replaced, the retailer you buy the washer and dryer from will usually come to … Read more

Orlando Junk Removal: Concrete

junk angel an orlando junk removal company

Removing junk can be taxing for anyone, especially if it’s for something as large and cumbersome as concrete. No one wants to deal with the hassle that’s involved with disposing such heavy material. In cases such as these, Junk Angel, a licensed Orlando junk removal company, will do all the work for you. Junk Angel … Read more

Are You a Hoarder?

Having a bit of clutter and junk at home doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a hoarder. Take this quiz to see whether you’re a standard packrat or might need help getting rid of that unneeded junk. How clean do you tend to keep things? Every room in my house is completely organized. There are a … Read more

When to Hire a Junk Removal Service for Your Move

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One of the most overwhelming tasks is finding a way to get rid of all that stuff you no longer need when it comes to moving. Where do these items go? Who wants them? How much is a donation worth? If you don’t have the time to answer these questions, check out a junk removal … Read more

How Much Should Junk Removal Cost?

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Many homeowners will reach a point in their life where they look around their living space and see that they have allowed a good deal of clutter to build up. For some people, this clutter can be so bad that it affects a homeowner’s ability to move around freely in their homes. In fact, hoarding … Read more

How Do I Get Rid of Large Garbage?

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The term ”garbage” has a very negative connotation. Most of us would want to avoid anything that has this word associated with it. And fortunately, we can, especially when it’s the usual leftovers, day-to-day wastes, and some general housekeeping wastes. But what about large garbage? From aging appliances to furniture that we no longer want, … Read more

Get Rid of Junk Without Feeling Guilty

Do you feel guilty throwing away perfectly good stuff just because you no longer need or use it? Toss those guilty feelings out with the junk! Here are some ideas from Orlando junk removal company, Junk Angel, to help you find a new home for everything that has to go. Clothes Clothes that no longer … Read more